The theft and plundering of historical artifacts is not fiction out of an Indiana Jones movie, nor is it something from a bygone era, dying out with the likes of Heinrich Schliemann or Howard Carter.

Today museums are raided and priceless artifacts stolen to order for wealthy individuals. Dig sites that should be carefully excavated are potted with the holes of amateur treasure hunters. Ancient burial mounds are burrowed into with digging machines to get at the loot inside, destroying layers of history in the process. Dozens of countries around the world have had irreplaceable treasures lost forever, along with the knowledge they could give us. But for those in the business it’s worth it. Four billion dollars a year is made in the illegal sale of stolen artifacts. Four billion dollars a year, every year, for decades. The only illegal industry that makes more money is the drug trade.

So when there is word of a new historical find, it's important that the right people get there first. Experts in the field, well financed and well equipped, with a team of talented assistants, the support of the locals, and the backing of the government

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